About Our Bungalow

About Our Bungalow

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The privilege of communing with nature amidst world-class comfort is the goal which illuminates the soul of the Comilla Bungalow. The people behind Comilla Bungalow have an intuitive understanding of leisure, and are committed to doing everything possible to make your holiday better. Founded by one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent corporate leaders, Comilla Bungalow is run to the highest standards of professionalism, sustainability, and pleasure.


To be amongst the foremost boutique bungalows in Asia.


To treat our guests to such an unforgettable experience that they vow to return.


We believe in:
Personalized customer service with a smile. Continuous self-evaluation for continuously improving service. Total peace and tranquility.


To trace the lineage of the Comilla Bungalow name is to glimpse the upheavals that are writ large in the annals of Sri Lankan history – changes that have transformed Sri Lankan society while leaving the Bungalow and its surrounding environs curiously untouched. Adapted from the English ‘Camillia’, the estate’s original name, ‘Commiliah’, was subsequently shortened by its local labourers to ‘Comilla’.

Initially classified as ‘waste land’, the 77-acre estate was sold by the colonial secretary on the 26th of April, 1873 for the princely sum of one peppercorn per year, to be paid to the Governor of Ceylon.

The land was then auctioned off to John Vincent Blair Stork, a British tea planter who, being enamored with its lush pastures and rich soil, transformed the wild woods into a gently swaying grove of coconut palms, which was later supplemented by fields of paddy and pepper. Surrounded by green acres, Stork built a 2-bedroom bungalow for his family in traditional Dutch period architecture, with a high open veranda at the Northern post along with airy lounge and dining areas.

The estate was passed down through the Stork clan until the 1950s, when a tide of nationalistic fervor swept our island and most Britishers decided to call it a day. So it was that the Storks decided to divide and sell the land. Among the buyers was D.P.D.M. De Silva, a former Deputy Chairman of the John Keells Group, who tended the land faithfully, cultivating a fragrant orchard of tropical fruit trees around the Bungalow and attracting several species of native birds, which now color the skies above the estate with their eye-catching plumage. His two daughters are now the owners of this land.

At Comilla Bungalow, we believe that luxury is only the beginning of a truly transcendent holiday experience.

Situated near the historic town of Wathurugama, and perched at the summit of a vast coconut estate, the Bungalow surveys verdant fields of pepper and thickets of tropical fruit trees. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the diversity of feathered friends who grace Comilla with their presence. An azure-blue peacock, one of the estate's longtime visitors will sometimes alight on the rooftop, welcoming his fellow guests with a thrilling display of his tail feathers. Those who prefer to turn inwards in their explorations can visit a series of ancient rock temples nearby and cleanse their souls through meditation sessions.

The century-old plantation bungalow has now been lovingly re-imagined as a luxury boutique hideaway, retaining its wood-hewn verandahs and Dutch period architecture while introducing a full range of modern conveniences. Century-old lychee trees frame an expansive view from the verandah - the very same scene that would have been enjoyed by the Stork family as they took their evening tea.

Featuring two large bedrooms in the bungalow property, as well as a detached chalet perfect for extended sojourns, the Comilla Bungalow is the answer to your search for serenity. With an unobtrusive service philosophy and a focus on the highest quality of life, guests can make their great escape at Comilla Bungalow.